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    How to tell kids why it's so

    They are believed to be too young to know the difference between girls and boys. So they are given one bathroom in kindergartens. The other day a friend of mine found her four-year-old peeing like a boy. She shouted to her to stop. But the little girl replied in a bold and confident manner. "We all do it this way." Later he found that most of the kindergartens in Beijing give their kids one lavatory to relieve themselves because they do not have that much space for two. A survey of parents in Beijing revealed that 70 percent of the adults were against the way their kids share the same toilet with those of the opposite sex, and half of them have given their children sex education.

    Is this the way to teach the pre-schoolers things about sex? For sex education, how young is too young? It is said that by age three or four, children often realize that boys and girls have different genitals. As natural curiosity kicks in, children may play "doctor" or examining each other.

    Seemingly, the issue is not toilet but how adults inform the kids and handle their exploration and questions. Ready for queries: How do babies get inside a mommy's tummy? How are babies born? Why doesn't everyone have a penis? Why do you have hair down there?

    * * *

    The netizens are busy helping Guo Wenjun, who won air pistol gold at the Games, find her father by searching on web sites. Guo herself did not want to try this way. Her parents abandoned her when she was young.

    For love or hatred, put people on the web sites to help them garner support all over the world or make someone a rat scurrying across the street, with everyone shouting, "Kill it."

    Questionable? Yes. Does the people search on the web infringe on others' rights? If the netizens violated others' lawful rights, were web sites clean? If limitations were imposed on people search, would the freedom of speech on the web be damaged?

    * * *

    Want to see the hell in Paradise Lost by John Milton? Go to Fengdu, Chongqing. The local government is planning to invest 700 million yuan in building a "nether world".

    The county on the northern bank of the Yangtze River is well known for being a resting place for the dead spirits in some Chinese literary classics such as Journey to the West and the Tales of Fox Fairies. Hence the county government's enthusiasm for Hades to lure tourists.

    The "nether world" project is controversial because many people in the poverty-stricken county are dressed in rags and their inside rumbles for want of food. The budget for the "hell" is a huge sum. It is believed to go to the wrong place whoever will foot the bill.

    Well, maybe it would work a wonder for the poor area. Horror movies are always great successes in box office. Then why not a theme park like a hell.

    * * *

    The eight golds American swimming phenomenon Michael Phelps collected at the Olympic Games stunned a Chinese sports commentator who is infamous for having a big mouth. He suggested that we keep the greatest Olympian of all time, or his mother, for genetic analysis. Sounds like a good idea. But do not forget that the American swimmer trains seven days a week - up to five hours a day. His coach Bob Bowman has long said that Phelps' single-minded determination is as much his strength as his ideal swimmer's physique.

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