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    Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries
    Investing Process

    How To Invest?

    Investing Process in China

  • Tianjin Overview
    Fengdu Overview
    Fengdu County (Chinese: 丰都县; pinyin: Fēngdū Xiàn; originally Chinese: 酆都县; pinyin: Fēngdū Xiàn)[1] is a county located in Chongqing Municipality, People's Republic of China.... learn more
  • City Advantage
    City Advantage
    EconomyChongqing was separated from Sichuan province and made into a municipality in its own right in 14 March 1997[68] in order to accelerate its development and subsequently China's relatively poorer western areas (see China Wes... learn more
  • 2008/08/19
    They are believed to be too young to know the difference between girls and boys. So they are given one bathroom in kindergartens. The other day a frie...
  • 2003/11/06
    The Fengdu County government promises to offer conditions as favourable as possible to facilitate trade and investment.Except those explicitly barred ...
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